The VERY easy supermarket swaps to save yourself from sugar overload this Christmas (so choose Lindt truffles instead of Quality Street and mince pies from Waitrose not Sainsbury's)

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it's also one of the sugariest - and that can have a serious impact on our waistlines, and our teeth..

But a team of dentists have revealed the very easy swaps you can make at supermarkets this Christmas to cut down on your sugar intake this year.

They have revealed the supermarket options that contain a lot less sugar than their rivals, including Waitrose mince pies and everyone's favourite, Lindt Lindor truffles.

The easy swaps ensure you can still have your fill of chocolate, Christmas cake and other festive treats without the need for an emergency dental appointment in the New Year.

If you're looking for a lower-sugar mince pie, head to Waitrose as its All Butter Mince Pies contain 11g per pie compared to 24.8g in Sainsbury’s and 20.5g in Tess revealed.

Chocolates and biscuits are a staple part of Christmas but though all are sugary, there are some better options for your teeth.

Quality Street, a Terry's Chocolate Orange and a box of Cadbury Heroes all contain more than 58g of sugar per 100g, so it may be better to opt for Ferrero Rocher or Lindt Lindor truffles which contain 39g per 100g.  

co’s treats, White Glo's dentist

When it comes to Christmas cake, the dentists recommend Asda's bake which has 32g of sugar compared to 41.8g found in Tesco's version.  

To slash sugar even further, opt for a non-iced cake such as the Waitrose non-iced rich fruit Christmas cake, which has just 24g.

Hidden sugars can be found in cranberry sauce and honey-roasted ham, so they may be best to avoid if you want to really cut down on sugar.

But low-sugar options include Colman’s version which has 4.1g of sugar per tablespoon, compared to well over double found in ASDA's, which has 13g, or Sainsbury’s, which has 10.9g.

Ditching the chocolate biscuits in favour of festive shortbread is another easy way to give your teeth a break, with Walker’s shortbread containing just 11.3g of sugar, compared to the 38g in Fox’s famous Christmas selection.

ASDA has one of the lowest-sugar Christmas puddings, as it contains 40g of sugar, compared to the 52g or 49g in Morrisons' and Iceland's puddings respectively.

Meanwhile Tesco is the place to shop for traditional German stollen cake, as its Finest stollen contains 11.5g of sugar, compared to the 20.8g found in Morrison’s.