You’re Doing It Wrong! The Shocking Mistakes We All Make In Everyday Life

In your daily routine, it’s easy to forget to question even some of the simplest things. From hygeine to sleeping to exercise, we’ve rounded up some of the most common life mistakes and assumptions that you may never have guessed you’re doing wrong. Time to re-align…

Chewing Too Much Gum

We all know a diet high in sugar feeds gut bacteria. Well, it’s the same for bacteria in your mouth. If you jump for chewing gum to help your bad breath regularly, you could be doing yourself more damage than good.

If they contain sugar, then they may only eventually worsen the situation

Dr. Harold Katz, known as the bad-breath guru of Beverly Hills, explains: “Ultimately, all the gum and mints in the world will not stop chronic halitosis (bad breath) and is not a replacement for a robust oral hygiene regimen.

“Sucking mints or chewing gum does serve as a good occasional short-term fix, but if they contain sugar, then they may only eventually worsen the situation. I’d recommend trying to avoid candy mints all together, and choose a gum that doesn’t contain aspartame, artificial flavors and colors.”

Sleeping On Your Stomach

Everyone has their favorite sleeping position but as chiropractor Andrew Green explains, one stands out from the rest for all the wrong reasons.

Stomach sleepers’ tend to develop respiratory problems

“There is one sleeping position, on your stomach, that should be avoided at all costs,” he says. “If you sleep like this, you are twisting your spine severely as your head will be turned to one side and usually you will have one hip hitched up. This position adversely affects both blood and nerve flow.