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Reveal your most confident smile with White Glo's Eco Friendly Dental Floss! Based from corn with a natural plant wax, White Glo has taken great care to ensure environmental responsibility at every part of the manufacturing process with our entire packaging being 100% biodegradable.
  • 1x Eco Friendly Corn Based Dental Floss
Corn Floss, Natural Mint Flavour, Plant Wax
  1. Break off about 50cm of waxed dental floss
  2. Gently follow the curves of your teeth with a gently rubbing motion while avoiding snapping the floss on gums
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee because if you're not satisfied, neither are we! To initiate a return, please contact with your order number and we'll provide you with the address to return the product to and next steps.
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Why choose White Glo?
6 points of daily protection
White Glo's Eco Friendly Dental Floss derived from corn had the environment considered at every stage of the manufacturing process! From our completely recyclable and compostable packaging, reusable glass bottle and biodegrable and sustainable dental floss, White Glo is committed to reducing waste on this planet one floss at a time.
Our environmentally friendly corn based floss is naturally waxed with plants allowing it to glide between your teeth and reach even the hardest areas. The natural wax also helps the floss not to break even in tight spaces making it perfect for people with sensitive gums.
Our earth friendly floss removes dental plaque and food particles to prevent tartar buildup, bad breath and is far more effective than brushing alone! Use it after each meal to ensure best oral hygeine and your dentist will notice your improved oral health. This could potentially save you costly and unpleasant dental procedures! Your most confident white smile is just around the corner.
Our best eco-friendly dental floss was formulated with every person in mind. There are absolutely no artifical colors, flavors, fragrances parabens, or preservatives to make it the healthiest floss available on the market.
Oral hygiene is important, even on the go! Take our Eco Friendly Corn Based Dental Floss anywhere you go with our portable travelling case.

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